My top tips for goal setting.

Whenever I think of things that I would like to achieve I like to start off by being very organised. I break down each goal into smaller tasks. This allows me to process it and take action. If you break it down into smaller chunks it can also be easier to analyse your progress. I find this exciting, especially when it comes to reviewing our financial goals. It’s easier for me to see how our finances are improving.

I personally always use the SMART goal method when setting my own goals. That is my very top tip.

SMART means;

SPECIFIC – This means what it says. You need your goal to be specific. What exactly do you want and why?

MEASURABLE – Make it so that you can measure and analyse your progress.

ATTAINABLE – How will you make it happen?

REALISTIC – Is it a realistic goal or do you need to adjust it?

TIME-BOUND – I LOVE this part. (Maybe, because I’m a bit of a nerd?) When I break down my goals and analyse the expected date of achievement. I can either tweak it if I don’t see it happening on that date or leave it and continue to track progress.

So that’s the method and my number one tip on how I set my own goals. This method can be applied to personal goals, financial goals and is commonly used in a business environment. I also like to get a visual on my goals and be creative using trackers, a vision board or mind maps depending on the size and timescale of each goal.

I have designed my own vision and goal setting printable which will be available to purchase from my Etsy store very shortly.

Make your goals SMART!

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