Crush that food budget.

I have been helping a few family members recently to master their weekly food budgets after they had watched me gain control of our own. This is not perfect and I would absolutely love to be able to bulk buy items that we use regularly and meal prep etc. But, time, money and space in the freezer just won’t allow this currently.

I have a partner, three children and a dog. We all have different likes and dislikes so we needed to find meals that suited all of us. We did find this quite challenge first. Now, each week on budget day, before we go and do our food shopping there are a few vital things that we do to ensure that we stay on budget.

Firstly, we take stock of what we already have in the cupboards etc. We then decide what meals we could make from those items.

Secondly, we sit down and take a few minutes to write out our weekly meal plan. We don’t really like to plan our breakfasts and lunches as this can change day to day depending on what is happening and I feel it can get a bit restrictive. I often just add lunch and breakfast items to our shopping list after the dinners have been picked and planned. We always try to cater for everyone’s likes and dislikes to limit wastage and guarantee enjoyment from everyone.

From each meal we then break it down and build the shopping list. Also, I always like to check to see if we have any vouchers or coupons that could help us to save a bit more. Once this is done, we head to our local supermarket and start our shopping.

A few other rituals that we have are;

– We ALWAYS take our own bags. We do not want to waste money on plastic bags and try and avoid this where possible.

– I always use a club card/points card. We tend to be more loyal to our local supermarket which is Tesco and using our club card we have saved so much money and collected lots of points that transfer in to money off vouchers.

-We always use a calculator and add up as we go around picking up our shopping items. This gives us a rough idea of how much we have spent before we get to the checkout. ( This doesn’t always go to plan because fingers slip and buttons get pressed!) But, it gives us a general idea.

After seeing me do my shopping, a family member asked me for help. She is a single mother with two children and a dog and usually spends in excess off £100 a week for food. Most of this then ends up getting wasted! After following my steps, she absolutely crushed it! Her grand total for that week was only £33.00! This included breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks (for the snack monsters) for the following six days. Since then, her methods and relationship with her food budget has evolved and she has converted to becoming a food budget crushing queen!

What rituals do you have when meal planning and food shopping? Do you need to master your food budget?

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