The Spero Edit forest.

We are now Carbon Neutral!

The Spero Edit has made one of it’s first steps toward sustainability by registering with an organisation called Tree-Nation. We are now officially a carbon neutral website and have started our company forest.

Tree-Nation in our opinion, is an organisation worth supporting. Their values align so perfectly with our own! Their mission is to reforest the world.

Reforestation is proving to be one of the most efficient solutions to fight climate change.

They run reforestation and conservation projects globally and this helps with restoring forests, creating jobs, supporting local communities and protecting biodiversity.

They have a wealth of information on the site as they want to educate and share knowledge on the problems that we are facing with climate change as well as the solutions available. The main solution being that we should all plant trees and reforest the planet!

There are so many ways that we can support the efforts of Tree-Nation and it’s partners and our first move was to create our company forest. We have our first two trees planted and eventually we will have thousands! Our first tree is the Markhamia Lutea (also known as the Nile tulip, Nile trumpet or the Siala tree). Our first tree is an exotic evergreen that has a variety of uses and benefits including; animal nutrition, beekeeping, wood fuel, wood for construction and carpentry, resin and gum, and finally land reclamation. It has been planted in the Usambara Biodiversity project conservation, Tanzania and you can learn more about this project here.

For every tree we plant, we get to learn so much and we also get the added bonus of a digital certificate.

Our second tree is the Pseudotsuga Menziesii ( Avet du Douglas, Douglas Fir) This one is also an exotic evergreen and is used for wood in construction and carpentry, also for pulp and papers. The plantation for this project is based in Restauration Forets Degradees, France. If you can read and understand French or use a translation app (as the information is written in French) you can learn more about this project here.

There is so much information to take in and learn from this amazing organisation that we have decided that this may become a mini-series of articles. In order to break it down and make it more digestible.

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