The Spero Edit Ltd.

After a lot of thought on the direction that The Spero Edit is going in, it has been decided that a makeover is required. It wasn’t and isn’t really serving it’s original purpose and the original idea was very different from what is happening.

The site and its channels were supposed to be designed as a tool and resource for the general public to use and not as a place for the founder to become the ‘face’ of it.

The spero edit is a tool that people can use to learn about living a greener life and It is also is an ethical and sustainable online store that sells a range of products sourced with the planet in mind.we are a startup and have a sustainable plan in mind when it comes to financing equipment, stock and our marketing efforts. 

Our goals and objectives are very clear now and have been listed below. 

  1. To become a go to resource for people that want to learn how to live a ‘greener’ life.
  2. To provide products that are eco-friendly alternatives at reasonable prices. 

Some announcements – 

The Spero Edit is now a registered company! We have officially registered so will be known as The Spero Edit Ltd. We also have various channels that we have created ready for us to begin creating and uploading all the wonderful content. We have a Patreon, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and a group, an Instagram Page and Twitter! We also have a new podcast coming that will be on Acast, Anchor and Spotify!  You will find links to all of these across the site. 

We have a brand spanking new online store coming, we are currently sourcing some wonderfully ethical and sustainable products and eco-friendly packaging.

Some amazing partnerships and friendships are happening too. One being that we are going to offset our C02 by planting trees! But…more on this later.