What is Climate Change?

Why does it matter?

Is the weather messing with your post-lockdown plans? There is a reason for that. Two scary words…well they are only scary when put in the same sentence, aren’t they? Climate Change. 

I say scary because I’m looking into the future with a writer’s imagination seeing an apocalyptic world that’s hot as hell with the occasional deadly and raging storm.

Aside from the fact that we need to ‘stay safe’ from covid-19 and other deadly viruses, I feel that the world needs to take a step back and realise that the future is bleak. If we don’t do something about Climate Change. This applies to everyone on planet Earth. If we all went outside right now and took action against it, surely it would alter the future? 

Climate Change is the ‘change in usual weather patterns that we see in different locations around the world’. This term is often used interchangeably with the term ‘Global Warming’.

It’s important to know what climate change is because it affects all of us, every single living creature on this planet. Life would not be the same, we would not be planning outings to the pub gardens or local tourist attractions. We would be focusing on survival. 

Human activities such as deforestation and  the use of fossil fuels have increased carbon dioxide emissions and this is driving up temperatures. This is causing a whole heap of problems, one being that polar ice is melting. Which destroys habitats and makes sea levels rise.

We can’t stop climate change but we can perhaps delay it by living a greener life, using solar energy, carrying out reforestation projects just like Tree-Nation, and consciously taking action. 

You can learn more about climate change by visiting the NASA website here.

So in conclusion, we can take action to delay climate change by living more consciously and being more sustainable. Reforesting the world and loving our earth. Don’t forget you can learn about Tree-Nation here and about climate change here.

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