Crush that food budget.

I have been helping a few family members recently to master their weekly food budgets after they had watched me gain control of our own. This is not perfect and I would absolutely love to be able to bulk buy items that we use regularly and meal prep etc. But, time, money and space inContinue reading “Crush that food budget.”

Planning your life with a Chronic Illness

There comes a time in a lot of people’s lives (these days anyway) that they are looking for a career change. Most healthy people wouldn’t see this as a massive obstacle and would just look into retraining and so on. (I say this but am aware that there may be lots of anxiety around theContinue reading “Planning your life with a Chronic Illness”

Week one of my Hybrid Budgeting System

I like to call this method my hybrid budget. I follow so many different blogs, resources and methods and have mashed all my favourite parts into one. Ones that work for me. Saying that…some parts of the budget remain the same across anyone’s personal finances. I research many money saving sites and one of myContinue reading “Week one of my Hybrid Budgeting System”

The Post-Christmas Clean up 🧹

It’s just after Christmas of the year 2020 and I am looking forward to the new year. ( I’m sure most people are looking forward to a better year than the last?) I decided to start by organising and decluttering as much as my body will allow and do a little each day. I alwaysContinue reading “The Post-Christmas Clean up 🧹”